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Past Events



 Invited by Children’s Theatre Academy, Santiniketan, a small group of children and teachers of ‘Tagore School, Berlin’ visited Santiniketan in February 2020. They stayed with different willing families here. CTA Santiniketan hosted a workshop with children of both Germany and India, ten days of singing, roaming, eating, laughing and of course learning and creating theatre together, ending with a performance on 11th evening before parting with tears on the 12th.

 After experimenting with small videos during lockdown due to the pandemic, as working together through workshops stopped automatically, Children’s Theatre Academy, Santiniketan decided to invite dramatically self introducing videos from children aged 7 to 14 as part of celebrating Children’s day on 14th November 20. The huge response that resulted with the small flowers sent by the children were strung together as garlands that were gifted back to the little ones on that very special day.


Even before the formal registration of the Trust, working with children was felt to be a necessity, and as a result :

 Small trips with groups of children to Mirik, Rajmahal or Kolkata were started as part of our ‘Learning on Wings’.

'Welcomg the 2020'

was a 5day theatre workshop at the end of December 2019, practicing pieces of Tagore’s dramas, four days of joyful enjoyment and working together the whole day, along with eating, singing and playing ,culminating in a performance on the 1st day of January,2020.

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