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about us

Children need a space for their spontaneity, a place where they can laugh and play, be merry and joyful together away from their school studies. A non-profit Trust has been registered, namely Children’s Theatre Academy, Santiniketan, just to attempt to provide such a space to children from different socio-economic backgrounds.

The Deed number is IV –

030300153 / 2020

Trustees are:

 Abhijit Dasgupta

Sujit Chatterjee

Avik Ghosh

Gargi Ghosh

Anita Dasgupta

Nilima Chatterjee

Manas Bishnu

Children’s Theatre Academy, Santiniketan does not believe in anything too structured like regular classes, rather workshops, now and then, or visiting somewhere together, far or near, especially on holidays, opportunities for joyful engagement and enjoyment.

Theatre, we believe provides an opportunity for the multifaceted development of a child spontaneously while working and adjusting with others in a group.

Due to compulsory restrictions created by the pandemic, as it is improper to work with children in close proximity, we are doing some work experimentally online. Arnab Pal, an enthusiastic student, is a big help in this regard.


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